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Topics Language Arts- Teacher Paola

Centro Integral de Educación Privada CIDEP  

Topics for the Short Exam 

Period: III Trimester, 2022 

Subject: Language Arts 

Group: 7th Grade 

Percentage: 15% 

Teacher: Paola Castro A. 

Delivered Date: Monday, October 03rd,2022 

Exam Application Date: 

7-1; Monday, October 24th, 2022 

7-2: Monday, October 24th, 2022


Expected Learnings 



  1. Identify the different adverb clauses and their function.

1.1. Students will choose the word with the correct conjunction.


1.2. Students will associate the correct type of adverb clause.

  • Speed Up. Book 2. Grammar (pages 371 and 372)  

  • English notebook.  

  • Google Classroom

2) Use the correct form of Comparative Adjectives.

2.1 Students will complete a sentence while using the correct form of the Comparative Adjectives.

  • Speed Up. Book 2.   Grammar (pages 374 and 375)  

  • English notebook.  

  • Google Classroom

  1. Identify vocabulary words from Unit 7.

  1. Students will identify vocabulary words from Unit 7 by choosing the correct meaning.

  1.  Students will create a sentence using the given vocabulary words.

  • Speed Up. Book 2.   Vocabulary Builder. (pages  268 and 271)  

  • English notebook.  

  • Google Classroom


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