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Trimestral Exam Topics 1-B T. Irena


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Topics for the Trivia

Period:  I Trimester, 2021

Subject: Language Arts   Group: 1B

Percentage: 35%

Teachers: Irena Zlatkova

Delivered Date: Monday, May 11th, 2021

Application Date: Thursday, June 3rd, 2021


Expected Learning



1.    Express knowledge of the articles “a” and “an”

1.1.       The students will tell/identify which word needs to go with the article “a” or “an” 

 Lead 1. Book 2


P. 72 and 73

Google Classroom and English Notebook

2.    Express knowledge of Prepositions of Place

2.2.        The students will identify the correct preposition of place by looking at an image. 

Lead 1. Book 1


p. 97 and 98

Google Classroom and English Notebooks.

3.    Express knowledge of Regular Plurals

3.2.        The students will identify the correct plural form of a given noun.

Lead 1. Book 2.



Google Classroom and Notebooks

4.    Express knowledge of the stories in the books, vocabulary learnt from the stories and phonology pages.

4.2.        The students will identify some vocabulary. Also answer questions related to the stories in the books.

Lead. Book 1

P.38, 39,46, 47,54, 55,62, 63

Phonology page 2.  Book 2

Lead Book 2

P. 34,35,42,43,50,51,58,59

Notebooks and Google Classroom






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