Octavo año

Temarios T. Nathalie Parrales A.

Centro Integral de Educación Privada CIDEP 

Topics for the Short Exam 

Period: III Trimester, 2021

Subject: Language Arts 

Group: 8th Grade

Percentage: 15% 

Teacher: Nathalie Parrales A.

Delivered Date: Monday, October 4th, 2021

Exam Application Date: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Expected Learnings 



1. Types of Irony.

1.1. Students will analyze written pieces to determine the type of Irony (situational, verbal or dramatic) 

  Online Practices 

English notebook.

Google Classroom

2. Use adverbs of manner and degree correctly.

2.1. Students will write sentences including the correct adverb of manner and degree depending on the given context. 

Speed Up. Book 2

Pages: 376-377 

Google Classroom. 

Online Practices 

  English notebook.

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