Sexto Grado

Temarios Science


Topics for the Written Trimestral Test. (30%) 45 points


Period: I Trimester 2021


Subject: Science Grade: 6th A


Teacher: Ana Gabriela Agüero Esquivel 


Delivered date: Monday, May 17th,2021 .


Exam application date:


6thA :Wednesday 02nd ,2021.


Expected Learning 



1)Identifies: the difference 

Between the control center and nervous system. 


2)  Identifies:  

Voluntary and  involuntary  

movements, receptors , stimulus or response. 


3) Identifies: the human  

reproduction  vocabulary and  the process of  






4) Understands : the correct human life  


1) Students will choose the correct words to answer some questios 

according to the topic. 






2) Students will  choose in order toanswer  different  




3)Students will  identify correct vocabulary and the process of reproduction inhumans.




4)Students will understand the  

correct human life  

stage in order to  

the humans period 

1) Knowledge of the World 6. Pages. 6,7  


2) Knowledge of the World 6 Pages. 9,  

10,11,12,1314 .

3)Knowlege of the  


Pages. 17 , 21, 22 23 

Pages 29/30 

4) Knowledge of the  world 6. 

Pages. 26 


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