Quinto Grado

Temarios Science


Topics for the Written Trimestral Test. (30%) 45 points


Period: I Trimester 2021


Subject: Science Grade: 5th  AB


Teacher: Ana Gabriela Agüero Esquivel 


Delivered date: Monday , May 17th , 2021


Exam application date:


5THA:Thursday , June 03rd ,2021.(10:00-12:00)


5THB:Friday , June 04th 2021 (10: 00-12: 00)


Expected Learning 



1)Identifies the 

different body  

systems and organs . 




2 )Identifies the process of digestion :

( saliva,incisors and molars ) 


3) Identifies the  

variety of  

healthy food for 

keeping our  

body healthy. 

(Healthy Food )  



about living  






1) Students will  

choose the correct  

vocabulary words  

to answer some questions.

2) Students will answer some question about the process of digestion .

3) Students will identify the variety of healthy  

food according  

with its function.  


4) Students will  identify the  different parts of the cell and the definition of living organisms 

1) Knowledge of the World 5 : pp. 3,4




2) Knowledge of the  World 5: pp. 5-6- 7 

3) Knowledge of the World 5.pp.29,30,31,Practices :32,33,34,35


4) Knowledge of the World 5: pp. 41,43,44,45  


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