Segundo Grado

Temarios Science 2-A y C




Topics for the Written Trimestral Test. (30%) 45 points


Period: I Trimester 2021


Subject: Science.  Grade 2nd A C


Teacher: Ana Gabriela Agüero Esquivel 


Delivered date:


Exam application date: Monday , May 17th , 2021


2nd A : Monday, May  31 st ,2021 ( 8:00- 10:00)


2nd C : Tuesday ,June 01 st, 2021 (8: 00-10:00)






Expected Learning 



1) Express knowledge of the vocabulary seen in class


2) Express knwoledge of healthy habits  .







3) Express   knowledge of plants.





4)Express Knowledge of animals groups and subgroups ,

1) Students will identify the meaningg of a vocabulary by seeing some pictures






2) Students will choose the correct answer to identify a healthy habit.






3)Students will identify

Parts of the plant .





4) Students will identify animals in wich grouo they go.

1) Knowledge of the World 2.P :3-33








2)Knowledge of the World 2 P: 20-29







3) Knowledge of the  

World 2 P: 35-38





4) Knowledge of the World 2. P 42-52


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