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Temario de convocatoria Language Arts

Centro Integral de Educación Privada CIDEP 

Topics for the Extraordinary Exam 

Subject: Language Arts 

Group: 8th Grade 

Teacher: Nathalie Parrales 

Application date:Thursday, December 9th,2021


Expected Learnings 



1. Use correlative 

conjunctions and 


conjunctions to join 


1.1. Students will join 

sentences by using the 

correct correlative 


1.2 Students will complete 

sentences by using the 

correct subordinating 


Speed Up. Book 2. 

Grammar. pages 

(371-372, 374-375) 

English notebook. 

Google Classroom

2. Listening 


2.1. Students will listen to an 

audio and answer questions 

based on the listening.

Google Classroom.

3. Recall relevant 

information of the stories “The Black Cat”, “Berenice” and its author.

3.1 Students will answer 

questions based on the story 

The Black Cat, and Berenice and its author. 

**The stories won’t be included in the test**

Google Classroom. 

Literature notebook.

4. Elements of the 

horror genre.

4.1 The students will answer 

questions based on the 

elements of the horror genre.

Google Classroom 

Literature notebook.

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