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I Convocatoria 2021 Language Arts

Topics for the trimestral exam 


Subject: Language Arts. Grade: 9-2 

Teacher: Irena Zlatkova 

Delivered date: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 

Exam application date: Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Expected learning 



1. Reading Comprehension  

Students will be able to understand and  analyze two short texts effectively to develop  critical reading and thinking skills. 

2. Listening Comprehension  

Students will listen to some audios and identify  both the main idea and specific details in a  story.  

3. Vocabulary 

Students will be able to recognize vocabulary  learned within the first trimester and use it  correctly in a sentence. 

Dilemma Yacht Painful Agree Freeze ———— 

4.Simple Past vs Past Perfect. Ss will be able to  identify, write and differentiate Simple Past  and Past perfect tenses appropriately.

1.1 Ss will read two short  articles; they must identify  the main idea and supporting  details and select the correct  answer. 

2.1 Ss will listen to a  

conversation twice. They  must choose the correct  option. 

3.1 Ss will write a short  

paragraph using the  

vocabulary shown in these  test topics. 

4.1 Ss will read an incomplete  sentence and select the  

correct form of the verb in  parenthesis. 

1. Amco Speed Up B2 Plus  Book 2 pages 314-317 

Google classroom  

2. Amco Speed Up B2 Plus  Book 2: pages 302-310 

Google classroom 

3. Amco Speed Up B2 Plus . Book 2: pages 303-309 

Creative writing lessons from  Google classroom 

Google Classroom


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